Imagine clothing that fits your body perfectly, from selecting fabrics, designing the patterns and even having jewelry made to coordinate with your outfits. It’s not a dream for this is what designer JoDee Schumer will do for you. She will even go through your closet with you to update and tailor your wardrobe. She has been a designer, for over 40 years as a fiber artist, jeweler; JoDee-quick image 2teacher, owning a boutique-alteration shop, and creating an eclectic line of clothing for retail.

I wear all the hats as the designer of clothing custom fit to your body and desires with jewelry and accessories hand crafted and designed for you from silver, copper, brass, gems, stones and silk.

Intuitive Peeps- JoDeesignsA new side hobby I am now doing are workshops designing “Intuit Peeps”
In this workshop connect your fun or spirit side with JoDee’s expert help while up-cycling you’re lost, broken or heirloom jewelry into an Intuit Peep talisman pin or pendant.

Her passion is to engage others in their connection to spirit and healing energy with each vibrant one-of-a-kind piece of art that is created together.

I have done 10 years of teaching quilting and fabric related classes with 13 years owning and operating an alteration tailor shop and boutique.
Art Gallery consultant many years at various galleries in Hawaii. Managing Bed & Breakfasts through out the Island of Hawaii.
I also sell my designs and products in the Hawaii Islands and throughout Minnesota

It’s all about bringing things together for a great fit.
Specialties: Custom designed clothing, designer silk jewelry and accessories, Quilts and vintage clothing Restorations